CPC Live Instructor Package

If you’re motivated by live instruction and classroom-paced training, then this package is perfect for you. This Live Online Course takes students through our comprehensive CPC training program and is led by an industry expert via live online sessions every 2 week. It will provide students with an opportunity to connect with an instructor, plus you’ll be able to network directly with fellow classmates.

  • 12-Week structured course
  • Biweekly live instruction collaboration sessions
  • Access to Industry Experts/Coaches


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CPC Live Instructor Package



Hfaculty Virtual Live Classroom Training

Hfaculty gives students two options when choosing to train virtually from home. Some prefer training at their own pace with no set schedule, while others thrive in a structured and interactive setting. Our AAPC certified instructor-led training is a structured, online program where students attend classes online with a live instructor certified from AAPC and other students. Attendance and participation are required. Every 2 weeks you’ll get 2 hours of live instruction. If you learn best in a structured course with real-time interaction, our instructor-led training is a perfect fit for you.

Course Requirements:

  • Medical Terminology and Anatomy are prerequisites for students new to the healthcare industry.
  • The discipline to keep up with coursework
  • Attendance of all biweekly sessions, if possible
  • 18-20 hours of study per week
  • Hunger to learn and motivation to excel
  • High-speed internet


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